UPDATE!!! There is now a page for all my WNR/OS Mockup stuff! Click here to see it!

UPDATE 2: I have added the secret Weezer page. God help us all. I have also changed some of the fonts around a bit in an effort to make the page look a bit less crap. Helvetica will (hopefully) not be the default font but will simply be a placeholder until I can find a proper replacement.

UPDATE 3 !!!: Added text that says "UPDATE 3 !!!" at the top of the screen.

hey dominic check this out

If updates don't appear please try pressing ctrl+f5 in your browser. if that doesn't work try yelling at the site owner.

I am an extremely cool and epic guy who totally does not spend all his time on the computer like an absolute loser. Here is a picture of me.


Here is a list of cool things i like to do:

As evidenced by the general layout of this website, i don't know anything about how to design or code websites so it may be a long while before anything of worth ever appears on this website but hopefully i'll figure out something useful to do with it soon.

I also have a YouTube in case you want to see a guy look at some operating systems. Look you can click on the text to see it! Isn't technology wonderful? I also have a Discord (@travellingtardis) in case you want to discuss operating systems or other non-operating system related things.